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In chaos, there’s a cosmos

Our client Divya Bhalla, who joined us on our Kang Yatze II & Dzo Jongo Twin Summit expedition, talks about what life taught her on a twin-summit climb. She beautifully pens down the summit nights of both peaks and gives readers a great insight into how twin summit expeditions work. Read on!

Stok Kangri summit day : An Illustration

A complete insight into the summit day of Stok Kangri. We break down the summit night and describe in great detail each section of the climb for you to be better prepared if you are attempting the peak in the near future.

Trekking Peaks in India

Trekking peaks are great to start off your climbing journey in the Himalayas as technical peaks require lot of time, effort and mountaineering skill. In this blog, we help you understand what a trekking peak is, its advantages and your list of options in India that you can attempt to get on your first Himalayan summit.

Why a mountaineering course is important if you hope to scale a Himalayan summit.

If you have hiked in the Himalaya, it is quite likely that you have set your sights on climbing a Himalayan peak. But before you attempt one, it is important that you learn the basics of mountaineering. In this blog, we talk about why it is important to do a mountaineering course before you start your climbing journey.

Using your trekking poles effectively -

Trekking poles are useful companions on the trail. They can contribute greatly to your efficiency if used properly. Read on to know a few simple but effective techniques to get the best out of your poles.